Klaas Voget is an excellent wave rider. He travels a lot around the globe to ride some of the best waves for years and competes on the World Tour and other events. From South Africa to Chile, from Denmark to Hawaii. Or to Sweden. You can watch his part in the Below the Surface DVD

The following clip, most of the footage was captured during the production of the “Below the surface DVD” by Basti Doerr, contains predominantly of shots from the helicopter, what gives a great air view on the break of Ho’okipa. Klaas had a few perfect rides with nice aerials, but crashed a few turns quite hard. Due to the slow-motion you can watch  very well, how the German gets sucked over the lip of a wave or gets washed in a massive avalanche of white water.

Klaas filmed a few scenes with an on sail cam and edited the entire clip. We would say that’ s a high end clip! Very well done Klaas & Basti!


Klaas Voget with wave sailing action at Ho’okipa, Maui, Hawaii