The Japanese filmer Kuma has released a clip ft. the 2014 PWA World Champion Kiri Thode in his typical style. Tomorrow is the start of the first PWA Freestyle event of the season on Bonaire and all eyes will be on Kiri, Gollito & Co. As the reigning PWA World Champion – Kiri Thode will enter the opening the event of the season as the favourite. The fact that Thode was crowned the King of Bonaire in 2011 – after winning both of the eliminations completed last time around – only further adds to his credentials as the man to beat. The Bonairean is landing double power moves, such as double culos and double air bobs with consummate ease and is also busting out flawless quadruple moves too,” Chris Yates, PWA.


Look and see, Chris Yates is right.