Kiri Thode, the 2013 PWA Freestyle Champion, is back on track. It looks like he changed his style a bit to a more powerful freestyle with more air time. Kiri knows how to keep his polo shirt dry and it’s merely a matter of time until we will see his first Shifty and a perfect Double Air Culo.

Kiri took Kuma Movie on board of his friend’s boat to Klein Bonaire, where the wind kicks in with full power. It’s the perfect playground to prepare for the competition highlight of the season, the World Cup in Fuerteventura. Amado Vrieswijk joined them. Amado and Kiri land a firework of moves. The video shows how a perfect free session of Kiri and Amado looks like. Thanks to Kuma Movie for capturing the action.

Kiri Thode & Amado Vrieswijk with brilliant freestyle action from Klein Bonaire

Filmed & edited by Kuma Movie