The King of Moule 2022 windsurfing event took place on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe (also Gwadloup or Gwada) on Sunday 6th of March. The island is a real watersports paradise (Antoine Martin & Camille Juban are from the island)  – it’s an integral part of France –  and the best riders on the island gathered at the Wanalao Center in Le Moule! Le Moule is a town with more than 22.000 inhabitants. It’s located in the northeastern coast of the island and offers nice wave windsurfing conditions, when the trades are on. On test day the conditions were on and even Antoine Martin, who returned just in time from Cape Verde,  showed up and  tested the conditions at the end of the day! The event was all about windsurfing – the results are posted below, but also about the relaxed lifestyle at the beach bar and chilling at the concert during sunset.

The spot looks great with a sandy beach, a lot of facilities, beautiful water colors and a reef in a distance of 400 m. It’s good to see that local events are run in windsurfing. The local scene comes together and enjoys the time on and off the water. An perhaps some young kids discovered the sports and will make it on the the water more often in the near future.


Queen of Moule

1. Coraline Foveau 

2. Laeti Weber

3. Lisa Wermeister


King of Moule

1. Tom Juban 

2. Nathan Loridon

3. Stephane Queniart


King of Moule 2022 at the Wanalao Center in Le Moule, Guadeloupe – Video