“The successful completion of the Hatteras Wave Jam signals the end of a two month period on the road and what an experience it has been! With events in Peru, Mexico & North Carolina the global reach of the AWT is growing event by event and being a part of this family is the most rewarding thing, which I have been involved in for many years. As we begin to look forward to the 2014 finale at the Aloha Classic the Pro bracket is wide open with three riders, Levi, Kevin and Morgan all able to claim the top spot left vacant by 2 time winner Camille Juban (who missed most of the Tour through injury). The home of windsurfing will provide the perfect stadium for the eventual crowing of our champion this year. Every event has it’s challenges and the Hatteras Wave Jam was no different but it is a testament to the staff, volunteers and riders who remained mobile and motivated to ensure that all heats were completed across all divisions. The Outer Banks are a special place, for a period it was my home spot while working in North Carolina and I love coming back, as with each stop on our tour there is more to the event than the on water action and Hatteras provided us with an amazing holiday as well as an amazing competition. The team is now headed back to Maui refreshed and ready for the start of the autumn wave season. Looking ahead to 2015, ask yourself which event(s) you would like to go to and then make it happen!” Chris Freeman, AWT Head Judge.




1. Kevin Pritchard
2. Morgan Noireaux
3. Ferdinando Loffreda
4. Russ Faurot
5. Andy  McKinney
5. Keith MacCulloch



1. Ian Stokes
2. Casey Treichler
3. Ruben Lemmens
4. Jack Holliday
5. Paul Freieman
6. Dan Thomson 



1. Ferdinando Loffreda
2. Dan Thomson
3. Donny Bowers



1. Norm Coulter
2. Gordy Stokes
3. Jim King