Kevin Pritchard is not only a passionate windsurfer but has become a passionate mountain biker during the last years. Together with Joey Sanchez and Johannes Neumann he produced a clip for his mountain bike sponsor. The result is the film “Push the levels” and it’s quite fun to watch and Kevin is definitely capable of more than riding waves;-) Well done!

In addition to the clip you can read an interview with Kevin below the video, why he likes mountain biking and how it improved his windsurfing. 

Kevin Pritchard rides the mountains on Hawaii with his Mountain Bike


Interview with Kevin Pritchard about his 2nd passion mountain biking:

Continentseven: Your mountain biking looks good and the video is very well done. When did you start mountain biking?

Kevin Pritchard: I started mountain biking in Jackson Hole about 9 years ago. There is great mountain biking and I could just about find the same rush as windsurfing when you start heading down the hill getting ready to hit the jump. The one thing that I loved about it, was the commitment that it took. When you are riding a motorcycle you can commit a little bit later. With downhill mountain biking you have to let go of the brakes and get your speed up quite aways up the hill so that level of adrenalin lasts quite some time. 

Continentseven: Did it take long to get all the skills?

Kevin Pritchard: I am still a beginner but I really enjoy it. I usually go about once a day so it keeps me in shape. I love to go for a sweet ride before windsurfing cause it gets you on your game, loosens you up and gets you ready to hit the lip.

Continentseven:  Will mountain biking be your number 1 sport one day?

Kevin Pritchard: I don’t think so but I am pretty addicted to it. I love it but I love windsurfing a lot as well. I think they really fit each other nicely. You can ride when there is no wind and it is good for staying in shape. 

Continentseven:  What are the similarities to windsurfing?

Kevin Pritchard: I think the ability to keep things light and quick staying on your feet and hand and eye coordination to what the bike and mountain are doing which is similar to reading the wave. 

Continentseven:  What did you learn from this sport and how did it improve your windsurfing?

Kevin Pritchard: I really have to say that mountain biking stepped up my level. I was riding bikes getting this rush going down the mountain and I was like, I want to feel that on the windsurfer. It was last year when I started doing doubles and it pushed me to really do them. There was no other reason than to feel that heartbeat from biking out on the water and chuck the dubs. 

Continentseven:  Why mountain biking and not surfing or SUP?

Kevin Pritchard: I like surfing a lot but I hate the crowds. Mountain biking there is no real problems with crowds, it’s just get up and go. No lines no people getting agro on your lines. Just pure fun. 

Continentseven:  What do you like most about MTB?

Kevin Pritchard: It’s that rush of hitting a jump that I really like. Doing something new and different is what I really like and keeping it exciting. Just exploring is what really stokes me. Also pretty fun to get in shape at the same time. 

Continentseven:  Do you bring your bike on all windsurfing trips or do you rent it on spot?

Kevin Pritchard: I take it quite a lot of places that I know it is going to be good. On my way to Morocco I stopped off in Austria and rode the Alps for a couple days. That was really fun. It’s a cool way to find new spots and explore.

Continentseven:  How does a bike day of KP look like?

Kevin Pritchard: Well in Hawaii, it is usually ride in the morning to get warmed up for windsurfing in the afternoon. I even snuck in a couple morning rides before the Aloha Classic and that was very nice. But usually it is just an hour ride in the morning when it ’s good!

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