Danish top waverider Kenneth Danielsen (26), who could win the Supremesurf Big Days in 2010 and finished the PWA tour in excellent 14th position, just announced that he left RRD and will sail on F2 from now on. Kenneth is an excellent jumper and waverider and the 2011 tourplan – it´s his third season on tour – should fit his style: events should happen on Tenerife, at his homespot Klitmøller, in Sylt and on Cabo Verde. He also will compete in the Supremesurf Big days again.

Kenneth Danielsen on F2 with nice airtime in South Africa (Pic: F2).

Kenneth Danielsen comments his change: “I am really happy to be joining F2 for the 2011 season. I’m currently in South Africa where I’ve been testing the boards the last couple of weeks and I am really impressed by how well the boards work. They are really easy going and at the same time super radical.”

Kenneth with his new wave weapon (Pic: F2).

Daniel Aeberli, shaper and marketing of F2 international comments: “It’s absolutely fantastic to have Kenneth on our F2 team. He has everything we are looking for in a teamrider. He’s got the skills combined with a radical unique style. He is young and determined to improve and he’s got real passion for the sport – a perfect ambassador for our brand. I can’t wait to start working with him on the next board line. You can stay tuned for some new radical wave Barracudas!”

It´s aerial time (Pic: F2).

You can get more infos about Kenneth on his personal website

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