From the 20th July till the 24th of July the South American Championship took place in Peru , on the beach of Lobitos. The spot is located in the northern part of the Southamerican country, which faces straight towards the Pacific Ocean. And this ocean produces one of the world finest waves. Lobitos can catch South and North swell. While the day the dessert heats up and the wind wins in strength up to 5 beaufort while the afternoon.

Kauli Seadi, who could win the event, sent following staetements: “I was very surprised with the quantity of windsurfers on the contest. They came from 5 different countries to take part on the event. The place is just a machine of conditions, perfect long waves and side offshore winds blowing around 20 knots every day.”

At the pricegiving (Pic: KIRFA).

Results :
Open category

1st Kauli Seadi – BRASIL
2nd Eduardo Erman – CHILE
3rd Ricardo Guilluermino – PERU

1st Sebastian – PERU
2nd Christian Sauer – BRASIL

Kauli Seadi rips the wave at Lobitos, Peru (Pic: KIRFA).

© Kauli Seadi, 2010