Kauli Seadi, 3 times PWA wave world champion travelled to Morocco and had a session at Cap Ghir at Boilers. The wind often blows off shore at the right hander reef break Boilers and the waves can reach a perfect length with several 100 meters. The spot, which catches swell from northwestern to northern direction,  is very rocky and extremely tricky to enter. It’s well known as a famous surfing spot. Kauli just jumped down from the cliff and took a bit of risk during his launch. In the end he got rewarded by fantastic wave conditions. The longer he sailed the more risk he took and he went for big Aerials off the lip and had great speed on the wave.


Don’t expect anything else than wave riding. You get it 7 minutes and 40 seconds without any interruptions. The clip shows the unique wave riding style of Mr.Kauli Seadi and the big conditions at Boilers, Morocco.