Kauli Seadi is always experimenting and working on improving his boardshapes and details. For him it doesn´t matter, if it is a windsurfboard, SUP board or surfboard, he thinks always about new shapes. Now, at the PWA event on Cabo Verde Kauli was using boards with an very interesting tail. He implemented wingers and combined it with a massiv swallow tail. We now asked him about this tail developement and if this concept will go into production.


Kauli with his boards – Pic: PWA/John Carter


Kauli Seadi: “Yes, this is a prototype from Werner Gnigler that I have been testing for a while, and now we considering to make this extreme board in production, so people can actually get the same what I am using, in Hawaii and really good wave spots like Cabo Verde. We still have not made a final decision but we are thinking about putting it in production. These wing tail is really working to make the rider break the line more and be able to go up in the lip very vertical.”