Bertalan Csik from Hungary sent us the latest edit from a trip to the Greek island of Karpathos in September. Bertalan and his friends Rudolf Velényi, Kinga Vihar & János Behon travelled to the Greek island, with a lot of equipment. It was definitely worth to bring all the boards and sails. The Greek wind machine was on and some waves hit the island. They enjoyed the Greek wave conditions at Agrilaopotamos and Devils Bay. Karpathos has a lot of wind throughout the summer season and is the second largest island of the Greek Dodecanese islands, located in between Rhodes and Crete.

Bertalan Csik: That was our 10th trip to Karpathos in the past 4 years and there were hardly any windless days. Besides the unbelievably consistent strong winds Karpathos offers a super relaxed atmosphere, stunning landscape and authentic greek hospitality. You can find proper spots for all skill levels. Devils’ Bay is always firing due to a strong thermic effect even when it’s only 10 knots at open sea. It’s a freestyle and speed heaven. Beginners love the super safe, shallow and sandy Chicken Bay right next to the airport. Westerly winds are super steady on the west side (Agrilaopotamos, Arkasa) and produce good jumping and some riding conditions at times. As a custom board manufacturer we always want to take the chance to try as many board types and concepts as possible and Karpathos is just just perfect for it. Moreover we are lucky to have an expert drone pilot in our core group, who actually likes flying on the edge.:) Mixing his amazing aerial shots with some footage from land we are able to present these small movies of almost every trip. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoy the great vibes of Karpathos.

Windsurfing action from Karpathos featuring Bertalan Csik, Rudolf Velényi, Kinga Vihar & János Behon

Filmed & edited by Bertalan Csik – Drone shots: Endre Lovas