Salomé and Nascimo Fournier love windsurfing. Their favourite style is freestyle windsurfing  and their favourite place to travel is Karpathos, a Greek island with plenty of strong wind and perfect freestyle conditions.

They both told the story about their journeys to the remote island. And they tell the same story again, but different. Here’s their latest video called “crOisés – GrEekstYle 21”. They show their favourite places and spots on the island and land brilliant moves.

The experimental video not only shows beautiful moments from the last trip in the summer of 2021. It also shows that soon summer will come again and the Meltemi will blow through the Aegean from the north with steady force.

crOisés – GrEekstYle 21 – a freestyle video about a journey to Karpathos by young French riders Salomé and Nascimo Fournier