Maciek Rutkowski released a clip called “KAK”. Kak means shit in Afrikaans, but Maciek said, he loves the sound of the word: “It’s so much more playful than shit“… Hm… Not sure about it, but anyway.

After a long racing season the Polish windsurfer needed a break and a reset and opted for a wave riding trip to Cape Town.  Maciek: “I needed to reset and do a bit of wavesailing, also to try to decide wether I should continue a competitve path in that discipline, which I started sort of by mistake. I didn’t really find the answer in Cape Town, but what I did find was tons of fun and 21 days on the water on a 22 day trip. No better way to end 2014!”


The video is quite entertaining and Timo Mullen’s comments are priceless. Maybe we should hire Timo for some commentary…