Justyna Sniady spent a few months on Gran Canaria and improved her skills over this summer again. 2020 was not a normal summer. It was a summer with restrictions on traveling, no contests and new rules but Justyna, who is one of the few female windsurfers, who has put her focus 100% on wave windsurfing, decided to travel to Gran Canaria and make the best out of it. And the outcome is great video called “Chicks can Fly” with brilliant action: Back loops, Push loops, frontside wave 360s, powerful Cutbacks, a hard Push loop crash. Chicks can definitely fly. 

Well done Justyna and let’s hope we all will make it well through the crisis.

Justyna Sniady: I’m currently stuck in quarantine (after arriving in Australia) but have been keeping myself busy trying to go through all the footage from over 3 months of sailing.. almost every day! What a summer it has been in Gran Canaria.. There’s been only a handful of days I used anything bigger then 3.0 or 3.4. It has been weird to be in Pozo without the PWA World Cup on but it gave me a chance to test my new Naish Force4 sails and Assault Custom Quad boards and I had a blast doing it! I have so much footage that for the purpose of finishing this video before the end of quarantine and.. staying sane! I had to give up on going through all of the folders. That means there might be a part two coming.. or maybe the next video will be from here in OZ as next week is looking solid up north 🙂 I have spent quite a bit of time locked up in quarantine or in country lockdown this year due to pandemic and I am so so grateful that the time I did have freedom for was so windy and wavy. You have to love Gran Canaria! I hope you enjoy this edit, and I hope we can all meet in Pozo for the PWA event next year. Stay safe everyone x


Justyna Sniady with summer wave windsurfing action from Gran Canaria – Video

Filmed by: Fernando Sanchez, Rodrigo under water, Jorge Vera Garcia Dr.Windsurf, Justyna’s dad