The Australian sailbrand KA Sails decided to support the Polish wavesailing lady Justyna Sniady. Justyna is an always happy sportsgirl, who definitely wants to push the limits. She does not only like the action on the water. We would say she is a crazy party girl and she likes motorbikes, cars and much more. In 2010 she competed in Pozo Izquierdo and was at Sylt, where no result took place due to the poor conditions. She finished the PWA tour in 13th position.

Justyna at Sylt in front of an beer advertising banner (Pic: Carter/PWA).

Justyna Sniady: “Last year I spent a few months in Perth, Western Australia and met some of the very enthusiastic guys and girls from the KA Sail team. The memory of that pleasant time and experiencing their professional attitude stayed with me during the year. In December I was surprised and very pleased to receive a phone call from Peter Weitenberg of KA Sail, asking if I would like to join their team for 2011. I did not need any time to think about it and immediately said yes! On Friday I am getting on a plane to join the crew and we will test sails in Australia over the coming 3 months!  I can’t wait to try new KAOS!”

KA Sail management comments: “It is a real pleasure to have Justyna in our International Team.  Her sailing skills combined with here very open personality was exactly what we were looking for as we expand our team.  We are confident Justyna will give us all the input we need to keep developing the sails you all want! The new 2011 KA Sail KAOS will be the perfect weapon for Justyna to excel in the competitions this season. Keep your eyes open!”

Justyna already had many cool days in Australia, before she joined KA Sails.

Check out Justyna´s personal website and KA Sails on the net.

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