The 2019 Jump & Jibe Session was held in Balatonfenyves at Lake Balaton, Hungary on August 21. The fun event was a big success. It’s a concept for fun-boarders and the best riders in the categories best jump (János Torma), best jibe (Máté Lazaridisz), best style (Ádám Birtók), best female (Kinga Vihar) and best junior (Csongor Bogoti) got announced at the beach in the end of the session. Balatonfenyves is the ideal playground for such an event. The photographers and filmers are lined up along the long pier and the windsurfers jump or ride the little waves. Not bad for a lake. It’s a concept with future. Bertalan Csik from MOJO boards organizes the event and whenever the conditions look suitable it’s on. Similar format like the Storm Chase, just for amateurs from a local scene.

“It was the biggest ever Lake Balaton windsurfing jam session we had done so far. It went down in 40-knots of winds and sunshine with 55 riders performing crazy action in front of the cameras of 11 photographers. We do believe this event has great potential to grow internationally. We already had many riders from Slovenia but we might get other nations involved next year.” Bertalan Csik

MOJO Jump & Jibe Session 2019 in Balatonfenyves, Lake Balaton, Hungary

drone: Krisztián Forró
gopro: Balázs Kiss
mobile: Márton Kurucz, Zsolt Mohácsi, Bea Jablonszky, Bertalan Csik
edit: Bertalan Csik