The PWA final event on Sylt starts on Friday and we have spotted an unexpected name on the entry list: Josh Angulo. After his retirement from the wave discipline in 2009, the 37-year-old US boy will have his comeback in the waveriding discipline. We had a little chat with a legend, who won the PWA wave title back in 2009. In the Slalom discipline he  is almost back in the top 5. Perhaps we will see a stunning performance by Josh in waves also!


Josh always is focused and never gives up! (Pic: Carter/PWA 2012).


C7: Josh, we spotted you on the entry list for the wave event on Sylt, Germany. That´s a big surprise! Did you have it in mind for a while?  
Josh Angulo:
Every now and then it has been in my mind, but I never really thought about it until about 2 weeks ago and then I decided to  go for it.


C7: You have not been competing in any wave event since you´ve won the PWA title in 2009 at Sylt, where you also announced your retirement from the wave tour. And now you are going to have a comeback in your favourite discipline. What´s the reason for that decision?

Josh Angulo:  I honestly got exited a few weeks back when I was wavesailing at my home spot here in Nahant. Since I have been only doing slalom it was my first time riding the new Sado and I was so blown away by this sail that I immediatley started thinking about doing the event in Sylt.


C7: Did you have it on your Point-7 contract to participate in waveevents as well or did you just miss it to compete against the young wild newschoolers?

No, I don’t have it on my contract. The first thing I did,  when I thought about competing, was ask Andrea Cucchi, if he was OK with it, because I was concerned not to “embarass ” Point 7 . Andrea was supportive and told me just to have fun, so once I knew that he was cool with it, I decided go full speed and ahead and started making all my equipment arrangments.


Back in 2009 at Cabe Verde, Ponta Preta (Pic: PWA/Carter 2009).


C7: Are you well prepared and where did you sail in waves for the last time?

Josh Angulo: I sailed a small onshore session by my house here in Boston the other day. I felt great on the waves and I still could do few jumps quite OK. I believe I will have the right equipment and I have quite a bit of experience now in Sylt, which  in my mind makes me well prepared.


C7: Did you improve your repertoire of moves since 2009?

Josh Angulo: I think my reperetoire in 2009 was consisting mainly of consistent, solid sailing. It’s what I hope to do again. Obviously the “kids” have some amazing stuff they are doing and I know there are areas where I can’t match them, so I will rely on my strengths and am confident that my experience will allow me a certain amount of success.


C7: You know the conditions in Sylt very well and you are well known for your aggressive style in onshore waves. Is that an advantage for you?

Josh Angulo: Sylt is extremely difficult to sail well. I grew up competing against Robby, Bjoern and Company so I havce experience from way back then. The difficulty of sailing Sylt is the only reason why I would choose to compete, because actually the conditions are an “equalizer” , so the harsh conditions will be my friend, because the gnarlier the shorebreak , the better chance I have.


Back in 2009 Josh won the wave title at Sylt (Pic: Carter/PWA 2009).


C7: Is it still possible to win without nailing a double forward nowadays?

Josh Angulo: I guess, we’re about to find out 🙂


C7: How much gear will you bring for waveriding? You are competing in Slalom as well?

Josh Angulo: I’ll have 2 waveboards and 6 sails to use, and yes for sure I’m competing in slalom . It is the discipline which I am commited to both short and long term and will look to maintain my current position or move up. (Josh is currently ranked in 6th in the Slalom)


Josh Angulo next to the jibe mark at Alacati (Pic: Carter/PWA 2012).


C7: What´s your personal goal for the event?  

Josh Angulo: To make a respectable showing, and have fun. Since I have nothing on the line, I hope I’m able to enjoy it and not get too stressed out, but still be serious… Should be interesting.


C7: Good luck!


©, Josh Angulo, PWA/Carter 2012