We are very pleased to have the current Wave World Champion Josh Angulo in the Gun Sails team

Josh Angulo: “It’s good to be home with Gun Sails. When I previously joined the family 15 years ago, The Gun Sails Team and myself had a lot of good times together. Flash forward 15 years and I’ve rejoined what is now one of the strongest windsurf brands in the world. They run one of the coolest operations I’ve ever been exposed to.

Sail designer Renato Morlotti has a fanatical approach to perfection. This guarantees one of the strongest and most performance products available, which I require for my wave conquests and my goal to be a PWA slalom frontrunner. To be able to work with a team infrastructure whose main goal is great products and great customer service is such a sense of freedom. I am extremely thankful to be placed into such a great organization. From here out……. IT’S ON !”

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