Jose Romero Santana (E-45), the 22year old Pozo local, is back on the water. He had problems with his neck during the last year. 2009 he had his debut on the PWA tour and finished the Pozo Worldcup in excellent 17th position.


“My C3 vertebra was out and I felt dizzy. And with this movie I want to thank the Pozowinds team because they helped me a lot all the time! This year I trained waveriding a lot, because I still had problems and that’s the raeson I surf more in this movie and jump less. No double Forwards or  Pushloops.” (Jose Romero Santana, E-45)


A cool video, which shows Pozo without any big zoom. You get an overview of the spot. And several moves like frontside Wave 360ties are really well done!!! See you perhaps on Tenerife Jose.