Jordan Ema-Otu lives in Leucate, France, where he works as a windsurfing instructor at Julien Taboulet’s Wesh Center. In February 2016 he travelled together with his friend Gaspard to Colombia for the second time in his life and they realeased the video “Colombia Trippin’ again”. The video is a short and simple sum up of the trip. It has good vibes, shows perfect spots for freestyle windsurfing and a quick glimpse of the South American country. It’s a country, where rhythm, the sea and a relaxed mentality are important parts of the daily lifestyle. Jordan and Gaspard inhaled this special lifestyle from the first second on and had fun on water and on land. They windsurfed at remote spots, made plans for 2017 and had enough time for some sightseeing, too.

Jordan Ema-Otu: “It’s still amazing, sailing every day, meeting amazing new people and just falling in love everyday a little bit more with this country. Thanks again to all those who made these few days a real success! The action was filmed all along February in Cabo de la Vela, Riohacha and Puerto Velero  (near barranquilla). We plan to run a center at Cabo de la Vela. We had super strong wind here at the end of our trip and I was  a bit sad that I have to leave, but anyway I will be back in October!”

Music: Yo Voy Ganao by Systema Solar (Columbian band)


Jordan Ema-Otu and friends windsurfing in Colombia


In 2010 Michael Rossmeier and Philip Soltysiak explored Colombia’s windsurfing beaches and produced a nice film. Link to the film: Windsurfing into the unknown – Colombia