Jonas Handekyn, who is 19 years old, started windsurfing 7 years ago in summer 2004 and is now an addicted wave sailor. 
He lives in Bredene, Belgium, quite close to the beach. “After just 5 minutes by bike I’m standing with my feet in the sand of my homespot Twins.” Jonas explained in a little chat. 


And we asked him, if he has any idols in wavesailing.

 “I have a lot of respect for Levi Siver and Graham Ezzy although their style is different. They both rip. Kauli Seadi is also a real stylemaster in shredding the waves! Of course there are a many other great sailors out there, who rip, but those are my top 3 I guess.”


Jonas ripped hard a few days ago at his homespot Twins at the Twinsclub.


And the goals of the young Belgian wavesailor?


“My main goal is just to have fun and enjoy windsurfing and being on the water as much as possible. Apart from that I want to ride some bigger waves that you can’t find over here and become more consistent in all my moves and off course keep learning new things ! I’m leaving to Cape Town, South Africa for 6 weeks long trip very soon. It’s the first time I’m going on a longer trip during winter and my first time in South Africa. So I’m super excited and stoked about that already! Still studying having exams now it’s not easy to go on long trips, but this year I could finally make it all work out thanks to a special status for athletes at university.”


Jonas sent us following clip filmed by his parents, Jonas Roosens and Nick De Wannemaeker in autumn 2011, which shows his talent and the potential of his homespot. And you can check out his blog, where he posted some nice shots from his christmas wavesailing session at Twins.


Bredene 10 – 10 – 11 from Jonas Handekyn on Vimeo.