Johnny Yagen is from Israel and started windsurfing at the age of 11. He actually is 17 years of age and sent us his short clip “Surfaris” with good freestyle action. Yagan has big goals in windsurfing and had good teachers, when he was young. 

„From the moment I started windsurfing I was practicing freestyle. I was just training and training. Also the big guys like Adam Gavriel, Yarden Meir, Alon Mor and some other riders gave me tips and advised me how to land new moves . From these moments on I practiced on landing all my tricks higher, stronger and constant in all conditions. Now I go to the beach every day, try to windsurf as much as possible, but it’s not always windy. During the summer we have the Kinneret lake (the sea of Galilee), where it is almost every day windy and during the winter we sometimes have storms. So we travel to spots in Israel, where the storm hits the coast. My goals in windsurfing are to ride the waves at Jaws, to compete as much as I can, to become world champion and mostly to have fun and enjoy life.“ Johnny Yagen


Johnny Yagen with freestyle action from Eilat, Israel, Red Sea