We recently received the news, that top Slalom racer Jesper Orth (AUS-10) signed up with F2 for 2012. He will fight for top results at events and also be involved in R&D. Jesper – who finished the PWA Slalom tour in 2011 in 26th position – is not only a racer & saildesigner, he also knows a lot about board designs and already had many different boards under his feet: Starboard, RRD and now F2.

Jesper Orth with top speed on his new F2 Silberpfeil (Pic: KA/Colin Leonhardt).

“Firstly I have to thank RRD International and the Australian importer, the  2’nd Wind shop, for all the support over the last 2 years. The board range has been great and I can still recommend them for their ease of use that seems to go through the entire ranges of boards in RRD. Looking ahead I’m very happy to have shaken hands with F2 product manager and shaper Daniel Aberli and signed up with F2 for the 2012 season.” (Jesper Orth) 

Jesper next to the helicopter at Western Australia (Pic: KA/Colin Leonhardt).

“Not only was F2 very supportive for me to doing the PWA slalom events, but also the involvement in the brand with testing and some development had a very attractive pulling factor. Before I joined F2, I tested the Slalom boards SX range, to be sure and most importantly that the boards will deliver on the race course. It did not take me long time to recognise the potential as the performance was unreal. I tested the SX 135, 111 and 91 and straight away I felt at home with unreal acceleration, top speed and control. I can’t wait to get the 2012 boards here in Australia, so I can tune all the gear up for an exciting 2012 season.”  (Jesper Orth about his change)

“For the waves I ordered some Barracuda Quad boards. Not only do they look amazing, but they work great on the waves and after talking to PWA wave sailor and F2 team rider Kenneth Danielsen, who got a 6’th place in Klitmoeller 2011 using those boards, I’m convinced to have a “Fun & Functional” summer in WA!” (Jesper Orth about the wave choice)

“There is a great feeling of energy infused into F2 over the last years’ time and it is evident that a lot of work has been going into “recover” the brand from their battle to been nearly “out of the game” to get back on track in big style. The new whopper of a F2 catalogue with their entire product lines displayed over 111 pages for 2012 is a truly amazing achievement in fairly short time.” (Jesper about his motivation to work with F2)

Jesper gets ready to sail at Swan River, Perth (Pic: James McCarthy Price).

“WOW, the next Step is done! Now we look back to the season 2011 and we had an amazing year! And as we look forward to the season 2012, it’s just like dreaming to see how we get back on track more and more.” (Daniel Aberli, F2 product manager & shaper)

“Jesper Orth is just so perfect to expand the F2 family. It´s not just about the great competition results he will achieve, it is as well about his knowledge and true passion. He will be one of the most important guys in the Racing  and R&D team. It is important to me to have people around to whom I can trust entirely and work with. Jesper is the man and I am more than happy to give him a big welcome to the F2 team! Let’s get it started …” (Daniel Aberli on the change of Jesper)

Jesper is on fire after his change (Pic: KA/Colin Leonhardt).

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