Jem Hall is probably one of the most experienced windsurfing coaches. His passion for coaching started when he was a teenager and he can look back on 20 years of experience. Now Jamie Hancock has produced a nice clip ft. “The Coach”. 


Jem Hall - Pic: Sue Winston

Jem Hall – Pic: Sue Winston


“It is such a fantastic feeling to be able to help people not only improve their windsurfing but also enjoy it more. I have huge satisfaction in seeing windsurfers sail faster, make their first gybes or even their first loops. The joy comes from knowing that both I, as the coach, and the sailor have worked hard to achieve progress in our challenging sport and seeing the end result makes me very proud,” Jem Hall about the joy of teaching. 

Jem Hall has a respectable windsurfing background: he has been working as a windsurfing coach and windsurfing instructor for over 20 years, did testing for the British Boards Magazine and besides his coaching activities, he is now UK brand manger for RRD and Ezzy. But Jem not only brings years of experience in windsurfing to his clinics, he is also a qualified Sport Science Coach, live coach and is trained to be a PE teacher.

It also should be mentioned, Jem has worked with Lars Peterson and was largely involved in the production of the very successful windsurfing DVDs, „Beginner to Winner“ and „Winner to Wavesailor“.


The following video was captured by Jamie Hancock over 2 of Jem’s coaching holidays at Moulay in Morocco and Punta San Carlos in Baja. Jem: “Its aim is to give an idea of what occurs on these holidays and how I go about helping to improve their windsurfing and enjoy their time out. It goes on to give more of an idea of what I am like as a coach, sailor and person and demonstrate my thoughts about windsurfing as a sport.”