Jean-Mat De Ridder spent another summer in Portugal and he wasn’t too lucky with the conditions at the famous spot of Guincho, but was searching for alternatives and found some good conditions in the end. The French windsurfer, who lives with his family on Ile d’Oleron, definitely enjoyed his wave- and freestyle sessions and spent a great time with his family in Portugal, too. Now his video “Alternatives” came out.

Jean-Mat De Ridder: “Since I got back home three weeks ago I hadn’t any good wave riding so I got a bunch of time to edit this video. I hope you’ll like it, feel free to comment…Quite a bad year there in Guincho but other places were delivering top quality waves. Thank you Carole Gauyacq and Mat Pelikan Photography for the drone shots. And now, roll on winter!”


Jean-Mat De Ridder in Portugal during summer 2016