Pea’hi aka Jaws got hit by a huge swell during the second week of December 2015. Windsurfers, surfers, tow in surfers, SUP riders and kitesurfers, everybody was out to catch one of the over three times mast high monsters. A few riders got washed heavily by tons of water. Jake Miller filmed and edited this clip below, which definitely shows, how big Jaws can get. 

“Maui’s finest watermen including Kai Lenny, Jesse Richman, Robby Naish, the Porcella brothers, take on Jaws with all their know how. Windsurf, kite surf, tow in, SUP and all while Dan maneuvers his Hughes 500D like a DJI Phantom to get the shot nobody else dares to get.” Casey Hauser


Big multisport action at Jaws, Maui on December 9th, 2015