Jason Polakow, Scott McKercher and Campbell Farrell are searching for the adventure and waves in Western Australia

Jason Polakow (KA-1111) followed the tracks of his mates and travelled for the very first time in his life up north of Perth to the worldclass but remote wavespot of Gnaraloo. “Scotty (McKercher – KA-181) gave me a call and told me that the swell will be up.” Jason described how it came that he made it up to the North Western part of the fifth continent. After 20 years on tour Jason found enough time to hang out at tbe beach, riding big waves with his strap board, with the SUP or on the windsurfer. And he shared unforgettable moments with Scotty on the waves, who would call Gnaraloo as his homeground driving up there several times a year through out the last decades. Matt Holder, Western Australian filmmaker took a lot of impressive shots making this podcast possible. Campbell Farrell from New Zealand also accompanied Jason and Sotty and took a lot of risk on the SUP. Jason returned from the trip with a really nice podcast, which is 15.24 minutes long and really worth to watch.