Makoto Ukita sent us a clip from the final heat of a recent Japanese freestyle event held at the Miura coast near Yokosuka, the famous World Cup spot. Makoto organised a small competition, called Freestyle Camp. His main goal is to establish freestyle windsurfing  in Japan. Takuma Sugi (J-7) vs Hiroumi Yoshida (J-117) had a good battle in quite gusty and choppy conditions. Both are top professionals in Japan. Takuma won the final with 121.3 points vs. 87.2 points of Hiroumi Yoshida. The judges used the PWA system to judge the riders. 16 year-old Takuma is not only a great freestyle windsurfer, he sails very well in waves, too and surprised in the this year’s youth competitions on the Canary Islands and even participated in the men’s main competition for the first time in his career.

It’s good to see that the freestyle discipline is alive in Japan in 2018 and we heve learnt a lesson: a crash is a CRUSH in Japan.

Takuma Sugi (J-7) vs Hiroumi Yoshida (J-117) – a Japanese Freestyle heat filmed in September 2018

Takuma Sugi in Japan

Takuma picked up a lot of freestyle moves in 2016. He competed in Fuerteventura for the first time in a PWA freestyle event and is one of the young up-and-coming freestyle riders. Here is a video from one of his latest sessions in Japan, landing Shakas, Flakas, Culos… great stuff Takuma!!