Jamie Howard (K-582), 18 year-old freestyle windsurfer from Eastbourne in the UK and he just released a radical freestyle clip from his trip to Cape Town. It’s really fun to watch Jamie freestyling in waves and on flat water. He definitely goes for it and crashes a few times really hard. The video isn’t over edited and really shows how radical freestyle windsurfing can look like, when the filmer comes close with the cam. Good job, guys!! And keep in mind that Jamie started freestyle windsurfing just 4 years ago!!!

Jamie stayed for 9 weeks at Cape Town and had most of his sessions at Rietvlei Lake, Melkboss Strand and Sunset. He used the Wizard 4,2m and his JP Freestyle 92 in most of his sessions. The young freestyler now has the plan to compete at the first PWA Freestyle World Cup at Podersdorf, Austria. It would be his first participation in a World Cup event. All what he needs is a wild card first.


UK freestyle windsurfer Jamie Howard in South Africa


filmed by: Mike “Mikey” Schouller, Olie Stauffacher, Hauke Ni, Toby Lb & Ja Kob