Jahdan Tyger is 12 year-old kid and loves windsurfing. The young Brazilian lives in Jericoacoara, which is the perfect playground for all kinds of windsurfing. Jahdan started windsurfing only two years ago by accident. He likes to ride the waves and lands Back loops, Spin loops and many more air moves. The Austrian film maker Chris Czadilek was in Brazil and produced a nice clip about Jahdan Tyger.

“Filming with Jahdan is easy. He is really mature for his age and knows exactly how he wants his moves to look like on screen. To be fair, he is a huge perfectionist. At one point, he was watching me cut and when I wanted to put a Back loop that wasn’t landed perfectly or as high as he wanted it to be, he told me: „No! Don’t put that! It’s ugly!“ To me, it looked like a perfect Back loop. PWA guys, watch out – that boy will kick asses.” (Chris Czadilek)

Watch a nice 2 minute long clip about Jahdan and read a short interview with Jahdan below the video.

12 year old Jahdan Tyger, a Jericoacoara grom with a bright future

Interview with Jahdan Tyger

Continentseven: How did you start windsurfing?
Jahdan: By chance. 2 years ago. I was with some visiting friends of mine at the beach and we were looking for some surfboards to rent. But it was a busy time for the school and they run out. They just had a windsurf class cancelled so we took it! And we loved it right away. 

Continentseven: When were you born?
Jahdan: 4th of April 2004 (040404)

Continentseven: Where do you live and what’s our home spot?
Jahdan: Jericoacoara, Ceàra, Brasil

Continentseven: How does an average day in your life look like?
Jahdan: From July to January I wake up 6:00am; school starts an 7:00; Come back home for lunch at 11:30; 12:00 run to the beach to get my gear and sail until 17:00; 17:00 I play beach volleyball; 18:30 I have to be back home to do my homework. February to June besides getting bored because there is no wind here, I have the luck to get to travel for a few weeks to Europe to the mountains. 

Continentseven: What is your favorite windsurfing move?
Jahdan: Pushloop tweaked

Continentseven: Which windsurfing moves do you practice at the moment?
Jahdan: Forward, Back loop, clew first Back loop, Table Top, one handed Back loop, one footed Back loop, Aerials

Continentseven: Do you have any idols in windsurf?
Jahdan: Yes, Edvan Souza, my trainer and best friend and Boujmaa Guilloul – they both are my friends and an inspiration as amazing windsurfers and as great persons. Also Marcilio Browne and Victor Fernandez are idols.

Continentseven: What do you like about windsurfing?
Jahdan: The adrenaline.

Continentseven: What do you like besides windsurfing?
Jahdan: Editing movies, photography, snowboarding, surfing, skating, beach volleyball

Continentseven: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Jahdan: Living my windsurfer way of life, hopefully to be able to compete at Ho’okipa and Pozo.

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