Jaeger Stone´s new Quad – Video

Mark Stone has been shaping surfboards since 1981. In 2000 he also started to produce windsurfing boards. Living in windy Geraldton next to the ocean is a big plus. And the knowledge from surfing helped Mark to develop great boards for his son Jaeger, who made it on the podium at the 2011 PWA event on Tenerife.
This time you will not follow Jaeger riding waves in his unique style. This time you can watch Mark Stone shaping a small keel Quad with approximately 60 liters for his son. The dimensions of the board are 213 cm x 54 cm x 11 cm.

Mark Stone shapes a small keel Quad with 60 liters volume for his son Jaeger


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charles barbary

Hi, I’m very interested with this shape! it seems like you’re not using any kind of sandwich. Quite impressive! Are you using biaxial carbon fiber in 160 or 200g? I’m going to shape a 87L Wave board and I’m still wondering what kinfd of fiber i’m gonna use. BTW big fan of your style! Thanks, Charles


I have a couple of boards 80L and 72L shaped by Mark and it’s still sandwich construction by wood or bamboo in my understanding. My 80L feels touch heavier than most of the production boards but more stable which is even beneficial in the light wind condition yet much softer on the windy bumpy surface. 72L doesn’t feel heavier at all with still softer feeling. At the end of the day, its all about your personal preference but the boards work very well for me in the windy place like Western Australia.


I’m super stoked with my 115 keel quad and 107 pintail, awesome boards, plus I went for the bomb proof construction as I’m 110kg 🙂 and they cop a beating

Davy Scheffers

Looking good man! Also I really like the graphics… sick

Jaeger Stone

Yeah, I do use quite small boards. With a 60L board like this I would probably use 3.7 to 4.7.


Jaeger, thanks for taking the time to come here.

What size sails will you use on these boards ? I’m under the impression you sail pretty small boards, volume wise at least.