The Australian Jaeger Stone is definitely one of the best wave sailors at the moment. Earlier in the year he had a big injury at his right leg: “I ended up tearing a few really important ligaments in my ankle and for the best long term management I needed to get a screw put through my tibia and fibula. I’ve been in a cast for 6 weeks now and have another 4 weeks to go before I can start walking again.” 

Now Jaeger is fit again and during being injured he and his dad built a few new boards at their SSD (Stone Surf Design) factory at Geraldton. One of their new boards is a 197 cm long Quad. That’s 18 cm shorter than Starboard’s Black Box and around 30 cm shorter compared to most of the actual wave boards but Jaeger shows that he is able to sail as usual on that new concept.

Imagine you are traveling with boards shorter than 2 meters? How much easier would that be? Perhaps Jaeger and his dad opened a new chapter in terms of wave board development?

We have hooked up with Jaeger for an interview about this new shape. He describes the pro and cons, planing ability, stability, etc.