The Italian windsurfer Jacopo Testa spends some months of the European winter at Cuesta del Viento in Argentina. From there, he and his friend Julien Felix made a short trip to the wave spots of Chile. They found knee-high to logo-high waves at Tirua, a less known spot in the south of Chile. In Tirua, the life is simple and the empanadas look delicious.

Jacopo Testa: “I’m still in South America, at the moment in Cuesta del Viento, from here I travelled to Chile by car to Matanzas, where I got 2 days of sailing but conditions were not that good so we moved 900 km further south along the coast to Tirua, a small fishing village. There I had 10 days of sailing out of 10 and my friend Julien Felix filmed me two days.”

Jacopo will stay in Argentina until the end of March. Just yesterday, he had a really windy windsurfing session at Cuesta del Viento with his 78 liter board and 3,4m sail. This place is really windy! A few years ago, we spent some days there, too  and were impressed by the Pozo Conditions in the middle of the desert.