Jacopo Testa (ITA-261) is an incredible relaxed freestyler and one of the biggest talents in the international scene. During spring, summer and autumn he spent his time on the island of Sardinia at Porto Pollo or attended at the PWA freestyle world cups or local events. During the season the 22year old Italian learnt a lot about how to compete smarter and made it in 9th place at the final event on Sylt and in 17th position overall.

He decided to leave to Sao Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil later the year. Now he released a clip, which shows some massive air freestyle moves from his current repertoire like Air Chachos,Air Bobs or Air Kabikuchis. Just incredible and imagine he will land this stuff at the events. Obviously Jacopo prefers to land the big ones in Starboard tack conditions. But on tour most of the contest in freestyle ore run in Port tack at the moment. Sao Miguel do Gostoso is the perfect playground for the Italian exceptionally skilled freestyle wave windsurfer. At the beach Jacopo is a quiet guy, but on the water he definitely explodes.

Watch Jacopo Testa in his winter clip from Brazil 2013/2014 


SMG 13/14

Filmed by Matteo Testa & Daniel Che