Jacob Lindqvist is a freestyle windsurfer from Karlshamn, Sweden, who got great skills. He released a clip about a session at Torhamns Udde, a spot located in Sweden’s south eastern area in the Blekinge County. Torhamn is around 80 kilometers away from Karlshamn. The Baltic sea offers great freestyle conditions. Jacob tried his new 4.4m freestyle Ace sail and obviously liked it.

Jacob Lindqvist: “This spot is for me one of the best spots I ever go to in the whole world. Every time I’ve been traveling and return back home I always get reminded of how good this spot is! It got everything. A super flat spot behind some rocks, an area where there is a bit of chop and then another area where there is even a bigger chop. Torhamn works with winds from west-south, but the optimal wind direction blows southwesterly. How often there’s wind in Torhamn depends on the weather. Sometimes we get weeks when we can sail 5 days in a row and then there’s nothing for 2 weeks. But it’s definitely one of the safest spots for wind in Sweden I would say because the spot is located out on the point of Blekinge and we often get a really good sea breeze during spring, summer and autumn. I windsurf all year around. I don’t really mind the cold in the winter too much. Well, you can’t go out for 3 hours like in the summer, but at least for 1 hour and the wetsuits today are so good anyway!
When I train at home in Sweden i’m usually the only freestyler on the spot. My dad always goes out with me as well and he’s doing a bit of freestyle but not in a way that I can call him a trainings partner, haha. But he’s doing good for his age and I’m really happy that he always comes out with me. There are a few other really good freestylers in Sweden, but we all live quite spread out over the country so we never really sail together. But I’ve got used to train alone. It’s sometimes hard to push my own level and keep motivated when I spend so many hours out there. Guys that do freestyle know how much work you need to put into getting good at a move! In the winter 2016/17  I will be off to Cape Town again for 3 months.  I’ll have some time on the water for sure.”


Jacob Lindqvist with freestyle windsurfing action at Torhamn, Sweden