Event organizer and local Boujmaa Guilloul managed to defeat the single elimination winner Kevin Pritchard and won the event. In the women’s fleet Tatiana Howard was able to defeat Sarah Hauser, who was in the lead after the single elimination, and won the event.

KSB collective, the French video crew, just released a great video about the event. They not only filmed fantastic windsurfing action, including close water shots they as well captured a lot of scenes from the activities off the water.

The 2017 Morocco Spot X event was the first wave event of the 2017 IWT wave tour. 6 more IWT wave events are scheduled for 2017. The Morocco tour stop was as well a PWA qualifier. It will be interesting to see the two names, who will get a wild card for the Pozo event.

Video IWT & PWA Qualifier Morocco 2017

IWT & PWA Qualifier Morocco 2017 – Results


  1. Tatiana Howard
  2. Sarah Hauser
  3. Annamaria Zollet
  4. Sam Bittner
  5. Aurora D’Apolito
  6. Sana El Arbaoui


  1. Boujmaa Guilloul
  2. Kevin Pritchard
  3. Edvan Souza
  4. Sofian Sahli
  5. Maxime Fevrier
  6. Abdelrahilm Elabdi
  7. Zdenek Maryzko
  8. Toufik Elabdi
  9. Russ Faurot, Mouhamed Elabdi


  1. Jahdan Tyger
  2. Bakh Anas
  3. Mouhamed Anssais
  4. Saad Houssine
  5. Addi Hamza
  6. Elouadi Walid
  7. Daifi Anas


  1. Yves Masnada
  2. Tom Soltysiak
  3. Alessio Carboni
  4. Paddy Buckley
  5. Emilie Kott
  6. Jonathan Pooley
  7. Ian Whittaker
  8. Dan Macauley
  9. Gerry Gaebges, Mark Perry