Sarah Hauser & Baptiste Cloarec are the winners of the IWT/PWA Fiji Surf Pro 2023. 

Re-watch the final heats and witness stunning action in world class down the line conditions. In total 8 ladies and 30 men travelled to Fiji to battle for this prestigious win. For many a dream came true in gathering the world’s best female and male wave riders at this unique spot in the Pacific Ocean.

Fiji is legendary for its big surf, and Cloudbreak is one of the most famous breaks. Cloudbreak is a port tack fast hollow wave, which breaks over a coral reef. Depending on the height of the wave the current can be pretty strong. The spot is located a mile off Tavarua island, which is surrounded by a coral reef. By the way, the spot is not far from Namotu where the first PWA Fiji Wave Classic was held in 1997! The 2023 event definitely will go down in history.

The ladies final starts at 04:36.30 and the men’s final starts at 05:08:00. The drone footage shows the action from a perfect angle. The perfect wind and wave conditions allowed everyone to show their best wave riding skills. And commentator Kai Katchadourian explains what it’s all about. It’s more than a competition.

Livestream IWT/PWA Fiji Surf Pro 2023 


Full Results – IWT/PWA Fiji Surf Pro 2023

Result – Women (final heat points)

1. Sarah Hauser (15.07 points)

2. Sarah-Quita Offringa (13.40 points)

3. Coraline Fouveau (11.90 points)

4. Jessica Crisp (9.63 points)

5. Sol Degrieck, Maria Andres

7. Jane Seman


Result – Men (final heat points)

1. Baptiste Cloarec (17.17 points)

2. Ricardo Campello (13.90 points)

3. Robby Swift (13.67 points)

4. Takuma Sugi (13.03 points)

5. Antoine Albert, Antoine Martin

7. Antony Ruenes, Marc Paré

9. Bernd Roediger, Morgan Noireaux, Leon Jamaer, Federico Morisio

13. Liam Dunkerbeck, Flo Jung, Jake Schettewi, Takara Ishii

17. Philip Köster , Russ Faurot, Victor Fernandez, Jules Denel, Brice de La Menadiere, Björn Dunkerbeck, Marcilio Browne, Juliann Salmon

25. Jorge Vera Manuel Garcia, Jony Price, George Westra, Alexandre Grand Guillot, Hayata Ishii, Kai Katchadourian