From October 28 until November 10 some of the best wave riders battle for the prestigious Aloha Classic title at Ho’okipa Beach Park in Maui, Hawaii. The event is not only the IWT final but also a PWA Qualifier at the same time. Day 1 saw challenging north northwest swell with big waves rolling through all day with east winds turning south-east. Day 2 was a smaller, lighter day and the first two rounds of pro men and women are completed now.

Duncan Coombs sent out the men from the first heat of round 3 and if Marcilio Browne hadn’t been in the first heat, he might have cancelled it but Marcilio put on a great show in 5 knots of wind. Let’s hope the wind comes back for the next days of the Aloha Classic.

What else? There was a long wave priority discussion between Graham Ezzy and Ferdinando Loffreda. In the end it was Graham Ezzy, who apologized: „From my angle of sight and going by PWA wave priority rules, I thought I had priority for the last wave of our heat. After reviewing the IWT rules and the video, this turned out not to be the case. I am very sorry to have interfered with Ferdinando’s wave. By the rules, my highest scoring wave was removed from the overall scores, and I know that this doesn’t do much to answer Ferdinando’s feelings and passion. Ferdinando, you are a great sailor, and I’m sorry this happened.“

IWT Aloha Classic 2018 – Day 2 Video