Day 1 of the 2018 Aloha Classic saw very challenging north northwest swell with big waves rolling through all day with east winds turning south-east. The event is not only the IWT final but also a PWA Qualifier at the same time. 

Duncan Coombs (head judge): “It was a classic day. We had big surf, over mast high and some epic sailing. All the top riders put on solid performances, Bernd Roediger with the highest score of the day. He was absolutely tearing it apart.  We saw solid performances from the women as well, no upsets. I am very happy to finish the first rounds of the women’s and men’s pro.”

In the end Sarah Hauser and Camille Juban won the 2018 Aloha Classic. Check out the > Final video & results

IWT Aloha Classic 2018 – Day 1 Video