From the 21st until the 23rd of November the second and final event of the Italian Wave Championships took place at Steccato di Cutro, Calabria, Italy. After winning the first event on Sardinia, Andrea Rosati dominated as well the “Wave Extreme Calabria” and is Italian Wave Champion 2010.

Rosati, Pischedda, Calo, Gasperini - ©Pic: Courtesy of Cataldo Albano/windsurfnation

1. Andrea Rosati
2. Gianmario Pischedda
3. Fabio Caló 
4. Raimondo Gasperini
5. Barbieri, Spadea, Cappuzzo, Campolo
9. Longo, Revel, Albano

Overall Result Italian Wave Championship:
1. Andrea Rosati
2. Gianmario Pischedda 
3. Fabio Caló  & Raimondo Gasperini (on equal points)

Video by Cataldo Albano/windsurfnation

Slideshow by Cataldo Albano/windsurfnation