Francesco Cappuzzo won the first event of the National Wave Championship, which was held at his home spot Puzziteddu in Sicily. Andrea Rosati made it in second and 2017 EFPT winner Jacopo Testa in third place. The plan was to run a second event in Cala Pischina, Sardinia, to determine the Italian Wave Champion 2017 but it didn’t happen and therefore the result from the competition is at the same time the result for the Italian championship. Francesco Cappuzzo is the 2017 Italian Wave Champion. Congrats!

Francesco Cappuzzo: “I’m super happy to win the Italian national wave title for the 2nd time in a row . The condition were super sick. We had 2 days full of wind and waves. On the 1st day we had 25/30 knots from NW (side off condition in Puzziteddu) and 2/3 m waves and on the 2nd day we had 20 knots from N (fully off shore conditions in Puzziteddu) and 2 m waves. My opponents were super strong in particular Jacopo Testa in bump and jump conditions is really strong, but also Andrea Rosati in only wave riding conditions I think, he is one of the best! I really enjoyed to windsurf in my home spot because it is one of the waves that I know super well and I think is one of the best in Europe. And having all my friends and all my family pushing for me was super. It felt great sailing in front of them. It was not easy to win, because I was under pressure because the event was at my home spot and all the people were supporting me But at the end I made it!”

National Italian wave ranking 2017:

  1. Francesco Cappuzzo
  2. Andrea Rosati
  3. Jacopo Testa

Italian Wave Championships 2017, stage 1, in Puzziteddu in Sicily

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