Steven van Broeckhoeven (22), already well known through his sick newschool vids on surprised with sick freestyle sailing at the first EFPT event of this year in Tarifa. He finished the Toro Andaluz on the excellent 4th position and found time to tell us a little bit about himself and his goals for 2008.

Steven van Broeckhoven interview 2008

Steven van Broeckhoven on the Lac Bay in Bonaire 2008

Interview with Steven van Broeckhoven, April 2008

Steven, please tell us a bit about your windsurfing life. When did you start and where?
I started windsurfing when I was 9 (1995) on a small lake in my neighbourhood in Belgium. When I was 13 I discovered Holland as a windsurfing paradise and I was completely addicted.

When did you start to practice Freestyle windsurfing a lot?
I started with my first airjibe when I was 17, for me it was the hardest move to learn I practiced a year for it.

Did you expect that will end up 4th in the first EFPT event of the season 2008?
No, I didn’t expect this, I was very surprised.I still can not believe this result

What´s your strong side and what are moves you want to improve or learn?
My strong side is: I ‘m very driven to learn new moves. At the moment I concentrate on power moves and moves on both sides.

Will you compete in all PWA events in 2008?
No, I will do only one event of PWA at Podersdorf. For the rest I want to concentrate this year on the EFPT tour.

Do you sail in waves, too or are you a hard core freestyler?
Sometimes I do freewave in the waves, but most of all I like to freestyle. Because we have better freestyle conditions in Holland, for instance “The Brouwersdam” in the south of Holland!

Are there any idols out there, you want to follow in their footprints?
I like Tonky’s style.

Who does the “best Freestyle” in the moment?
Difficult question, I guess Gollito / Kiri.

Thanks, Steven and good luck in Podersdorf 2008.