We had the honor, to give the last organizers wildcard away and we decided for a young Estonian freestyle windsurfer, who already proved his skills through many online videos, but never at a PWA event. Christofer Kalk (EST-141) from Estonia, three times Estonian freestyle champion, sent a wildcard application for the upcoming PWA freestyle event in Austria to us.  He promised, that he will kick ass, if we would decide for him. So we did and also asked Christofer, who already competed on the EFPT tour quite successfully in his young windsurfing career, a few questions. Read the interview below and get some more infos about the less known rider, who made it on the starting list in the last minute.

So far he had his best windsurfing day at Fuerteventura.


“There has been a lot of good days man !! But one evening at Fuerteventura. Me and my friend Tony (Möttus), just two of us, nobody in the lagoon. Super flat and really warm. A little overpowered on my 4.5. I will never forget that day!!!” (Christofer Kalk)


C7: You got the last wildcard through the application on continentseven.com? How do you feel about that? Is this the entry to a big career as a windsurfer?

Christofer Kalk: I feel super stoked about the wildcard!!! I have always been dreaming of PWA and finally it’s possible for me to take part in one of the events. It’s hard to say, if it’s the entry to a big career for me, but I’ll give maximum to get the best possible result!


C7: Present yourself a bit (age, hometown, sponsors, goals, motivation)!

Christofer Kalk: My name is Christofer and I’m 19 years old (turned 19 on the 15th of April). I’ve been windsurfing for about 11 years now. But about 5 years ago I started focusing more on the freestyle discipline (earlier I was more like a racer:D). I’m sponsored by the local windsurfing shop Surf House and Rip Curl. My goals are to stay happy :), continue windsurfing and do what I have to, to get the best result. Top 10 would be cool, but I think it depends a lot on the draw.
All my friends are motivating me! When we windsurf together, than it’s super fun to push each other to the next level, trying to beat a trick, which were done by your friends….

Nice Shaka airtime at Naxos while the EFPT final in 2009, where he finished in 6th (Pic: Jonas Roosens).

C7: Do you now feel pressure or are you going to take it easy?

Christofer Kalk: I will take It easy! I’m definitely going to take it easy !!! Most of the guys competing are friends of mine, so it’s pretty easy to keep a cool head at the event, haha.


C7: It´s your first PWA event. You had good results on the EFPT tour already. But this is the highest level. What do you expect. What´s possible out of your view?

Christofer Kalk: It’s really hard to tell, how the result will look like. For me the draw is pretty important. For example, if I will go against a top 5 guy in my first or second heat, then it’s just not that promising. On the other hand, everything is possible, so no need to feel any pressure 😉


C7: Did you ever travel to Austria or do you know the country a bit?

Christofer Kalk: When we went for road trips to Tarifa , we have visited Austria,  not for a very long time though. But I think the nature there is beautiful and I hope it will be windy every single day in Podersdorf at Lake Neusiedl!!

Christofer in a portrait.


C7: Will you travel to Austria alone or will you bring some friends with you?

Christofer Kalk: This time I travel alone, but usually with my friends. They have to attend the school. But I’ll be alone, but only till I arrive at Vienna airport, hehe.

Spotcheck at Naxos, Greece.


C7: What are the latest tricks you will present in your heats at Podersdorf?

Christofer Kalk: I have just learnt switch stance Shakas and consistent Konos, so these are the tricks I’ll go for, burner as well. If I manage to pull those, than some double, triple moves. It depends how windy it is. Wind is the main factor for all the riders. If it’s not windy, it’s much more harder to do the power moves, so I hope there will be full power wind!

While a freestyle trainings session at Dahab, Egypt.

C7: Did you hear about the great parties at the Austrian Worldcup?

Christofer Kalk: Haha, jeah of course! Yegor (Popretinskiy) told me sick stories about partys in Austria! I’ll handle it easy 😉


Have look on the PWA profile of Christofer Kalk or on the profile at the EFPT


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