Interview with Camille Juban about his change to Simmer

After one season on Avanti, Camille Juban seems to be happy with his new sail sponsor Simmer. “I’m happy to move to Simmer, because I feel like this brand fits me. I would like to stay with all my sponsors, but you know when you are an athlete you have to choose the best opportunity,” Camille told us. The 25 year-old wave rider from Guadelooupe is a very dedicated windsurfer and definitely is one of the best down the line wave riders at the moment. We hooked up with Camille for a short interview about his change to Simmer. 


Camille Juban with Simmer sails

Camille Juban with Simmer sails


Continentseven: What was the main reason for your change to SimmerStyle?
Camille Juban: I just want to be with brands that I can build the confidence with. I want to feel the passion from the brand. I want to trust the brand and I want the brand to trust in me! I do nothing by force in my career, except some Goiters when I want to win a final heat of the AWT. 


Continentseven: Why did you decide for Simmer? Did you have any special connection to the Simmer crew from the past?
Camille Juban: Not really but I’m really close with Kai Katchadourian, Rudy Castorina and Ben Proffitt, so the connection was already kinda there! I especially like the way we talked for that deal and the way Simmer treats their riders, so this was important for my decision. And also Simmerstyle is a legendary sail brand! 


Continentseven: Will you be part of the development team?
Camille Juban: Yes, we are working on that.


Continentseven: You had a big injury on your shoulder during summer 2014. Are you 100% fit again.
Camille Juban: It’s super hard to be at 100%, but my shoulder injury is not gonna be a problem for the physical part of my season. 


Continentseven: Let’s say 2015 was your recovery season, but you won the AWT tour and you had one of the best heats during the Aloha Classic. What’s possible in 2016?
Camille Juban: Everything is possible my friend hahaha! 


Continentseven: What are your contest, travel plans for 2016?
Camille Juban: On the contest part I will only focus on the PWA tour but I will always try to make people dream through some projects like the world record in Peru or the Tahiti video. 


Continentseven: What are your next plans for the upcoming weeks?
Camille Juban: My plan for the next weeks is to stay home and enjoy all the windsurfing and surfing sessions I can get.


Continentseven: Good plan, we guess Guadeloupe is not a bad place to be at the moment;-) Thanks for the interview.

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