Ben Pallant is an aspiring windsurf photographer in the Midwest of OZ, who runs the website Gunfireimages. Lately he interviewed the British wavesailor Ben Proffitt, who is trucking up and down the West OZ Coast with his girlfriend Justyna Sniady.  Gunfire asks Proffitt “what the bloody hell are ya doing here?”

Gunfire: So what made you come to Oz this year instead of Cape Town?
Ben: Well to be honest I’ve been to Cape Town for the last eight years, and after eight years although it’s a good place you still want a change and Australia’s always been a place I’ve really wanted to come and check out. There’s always a lot of talk about West Oz and I have my girlfriend over here, she’s working in Perth which was a little bit more of a pull, so it was a good time to do it.


Gunfire: I’m told you’ve been staying in some pretty nice hotels. How’s the accommodation here in Australia?
Ben: It’s been absolutely beautiful mate! It took me a while to get a van but since then it’s been luxury, we’ve got the double mattress in the back and stick all the kit underneath, it’s pretty hot but it’s alright you’ve always got a sea view!


Gunfire: What about the distance between spots, how’s the fuel bill going?
Ben: Well the fuels cheaper here than England but you drive three times as far. Aussies seem to have no problem driving fourteen hours from say Corronation down to Esperance or up North down to Margaret River, which is like saying its windy in the south of France let’s go down there for a few days!


Read the rest of the interview on the “Gunfireimages” website here.