Are you interested to become a professional Freestyle judge? 

The IFCA end EFPT are organizing a Freestyle Judging Workshop in Belgium in March 2012.

When: 02-04 March 2012
Where: SportsHotel Bloso / Ghent – Belgium

Contact: Bruno de Wannemaeker, +32 479 940061 /


The 3 Day clinic contains all aspects of freestyle judging, freestyle event set up, rules and event management.
The teachers are Tom Hartmann from the EFPT and Ruben Petrisie from the EFPKT with professional assistance from the president of the International Fun Board Class Association (IFCA) Bruno de Wannemaeker.
Students shall receive an official international judging certificate, which is valid for judging on international freestyle events.


Join the judging seminar and get a freeestyle judge (Pic: EFPT/IFCA).


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