The Alacati Wind Fest 2013 organized the IFCA Youth & Masters World Championships 203 at the windsurfing center of Cagla Kubat in the bay of Alacati. The event had more than 50 competitors and took place from July 1st till 6th. Each competition day saw enough wind with peaks far above 20 knots, what allowed to run many eliminations. In total 216 starts were counted and 8 full eliminations got completed, what allowed 3 discards in the final results. Have a more detailed statistic just below. Beginning of July is an excellent time to run a competition at Alacati, Turkey as the wind is really steady at this period of the season. And it was great to see that 23 Juniors and 36 Youth participated in the event. A strong sign of the young generation in the Slalom discipline.



some statistics on the event:

Day 1: 55 starts / 2 genereal recalls 

Day 2: 26 starts / 5 general recalls 

Day 3: 57 starts / 10 general recalls 

Day 4: 51 starts / 4 general recalls 

Day 5: 27 starts / 3 general recalls 

 216 starts / 24 general recalls




The top three winners at the Alacati Wind Fest 2013 IFCA Youth & Masters World Championships  

Have a look on the full results here:

 Alacati IFCA MAsters and Youth Worlds Results 2013


2013 IFCA Masters Slalom World Champion: 

1.    ITA-0 Rosati Andrea / RRD, Point 7 

2.    TUR-1 Icingir Ertugrul / Patrik, Loft Sails 

3.    TUR-611 Morgan Erkan / Starboard, Severne Sails 


2013 IFCA Youth Slalom World Champion: 

1.    TUR-1011 Poyraz Akay / Starboard, North 

2.    FRA-32 Jacquier Simon / Fanatic, Loft 

3.    FRA-824 Bernard Thibault / RRD, Loft SailsYouth 


2013 IFCA Grand Master Slalom Champion: 

1.    NB-8 Saragoza Costantino / Starboard, Severne Sails 

2.    SRB-01 Judin Leonid / RRD, Point 7 

3.    TUR-83 Catirli Ata Osman / Starboard, Severne Sails 


2013 IFCA Master Female Slalom Champion: 

1.    TUR-75 KubatCagla / Starboard, Loft Sails 

2.    FIN-13 Kaplas Marianne / Starboard, Severne Sails 

3.    TUR-666 Yaman Ceren / JP Australia, Neil Pryde 


2013 IFCA Youth Female Slalom Champion: 

1.    TUR-165 Ünlu Fulya / Starboard, Severne Sails 

2.    TUR-191 Uralp Dilara / JP Australia, Neil Pryd 

3.    BEL-2 Vanhoorne Andrea / Patrik, Loft Sails 


2013 IFCA Slalom Junior U17 Champion: 

1.    NED-262S wijnenburg Coen / JP Australia, Neil Pryde 

2.    NB-117 Saragoza Jurgen/  Starboard, Maui Sails 

3.    CUR-2 EtmonAron / Starboard, Severne 


2013 IFCA Slalom Junior U15 Champion: 

1.    CUR-914Da Silva De GoesJean Paul / Patrik, Severne Sails 

2.    ITA-353S Cagliola Francesco / RRD, Severne Sails 

3.    NED-600 van Someren Jim / Patrik, Loft Sails 


2013 IFCA Slalom Junior U13 Champion: 

1.    NED-600 van Someren Jim / Patrik, Loft Sails 

2.    TUR-215 Oztas Kuzey / Starboard, Gaastra Sails