©Text: IFCA/EFPKT Ruben Petrisie

Finally a sunny windy morning, a perfect day for the official windsurf freestyle competition here at the 2012 IFCA Pro Kids, Junior, Youth Freestyle World Championships presented by SONY at the Sosh Freestyle cup in Marseille.

Beachview – Pic: IFCA/EFPKT

The skippers meeting was held at 9:00 am and the pro kids were up for the first single elimination rounds on the 3rd competition day. In the beginning the conditions were very gusty, but later on the winds changed direction and started to get a little better, so the head judge decided to extend the heat duration from 5 to 8 minutes due to the tricky onshore winds.

Full single eliminations were also completed in the junior and youth category, the youths managed to show off some of the new school tricks such as funnels, flakas, shakas and several tricks in the switch stance mode.

Skippersmeeting – Pic: IFCA/EFPKT


Steven Max – Pic: IFCA/EFPKT


Famous judges, Antony Ruenes and Thomas Traversa – Pic: IFCA/EFPKT



The youngster from Aruba Steven Max made his way to the semifinals with a combination of light wind sail tricks and geckos. In the final round we had two training buddies from Belgium competing against each other for first place; it was a quite interesting show.


Result Pro Kids Single elimination 1

  1. De Cooman, Michiel BEL 161
  2. Lasore, Mattijs BEL 160
  3. Max, Steven ARU 888
  4. Smirnov, Kostya RUS 1



Once again the up and coming Belgian talent Mattijs Lasore who is also one of the kids who is signed up in two age group categories managed to score higher with a solid routine of tricks performed on both tacks. Another new kid on the block named Jonathan Yagen from Israel was thrilled to reach the finals in his first international event here in France.


Result Juniors Single elimination 1

  1. Max, Steven ARU 888
  2. Yagen, Jonathan ISR 02
  3. Lasore, Mattijs BEL 160
  4. De Cooman, Michiel BEL 161



In the first heat of the youths Yentel Caers simply caught the attention of the people with his energetic flow of style on the water. Dutch kid Nick van Ingen managed to accomplish some of the high rated moves which allowed him to take the victory in the first single elimination round.


Result Youths Single elimination 1

  1. Van Ingen, Nick NED  122
  2. De Windt, Rafael CUR 45
  3. Albert, Antoine NC 21
  4. Caers, Yentel BEL 16



Youth winners – Pic: IFCA/EFPKT


 ©Text: IFCA/EFPKT Ruben Petrisie