Text: IFCA/EFPKT Ruben Petrisie

Bright sky’s and steaming temperatures on the second day of the 2012 IFCA Pro Kids, Junior, Youth Freestyle World Championships (Sosh Freestyle Cup). The winds were very light so the riders were put on standby until after lunch as a freestyle expression session and a tow in show sponsored by Sosh, Freegun and Makani Fins were scheduled for later in the afternoon.

The winds remained light but the show had to continue so the riders got ready for the freestyle expression session which was divided into 2 categories; the Pro Kids and the Youths, there was also a selection of 5 riders chosen for a tow in show.

Winners Expression Session Youths – Pic: IFCA/EFPKT

In the Pro Kids we saw a young and upcoming talent from Israel Jonathan Yagen a.k.a Johnny boy spinning and pulling out some interesting trick combinations and geckos. Some real cool light wind sail tricks were done by Yentel Caers from Belgium in the youth category.

As for the tow-in; the show was stolen by the Caribbean freestyler from Curacao, Rafael de Windt who managed to pull off some clean funnels in front of the crowds who did enjoy watching the expression session.

Tomorrow the skipper’s meeting is scheduled at 9:00am with a promising forecast of winds for the whole day so the best of action is yet to come.


Winners Expression Session Prokids

Result of the Sosh, Freegun and Makani Fins Expression session:

Pro kids:

1. Yagen, Jonathan ISR-02
2. De Cooman, Michiel BEL-161
2. Max, Steven ARU 888
3. Lasore, Mattijs BEL-160

1. Caers, Yentel BEL-16
2. de Windt, Rafael CUR-45
3. Ingen, Nick NED-122

1. de Windt, Rafael CUR-45
2. Albert, Antoine NC-21
3. Ingen, Nick NED-122