It´s getting colder on the Northern hemisphere. The PWA Worldtour saw their final event on Sylt already. Now it´s time to watch out for warmer locations. Miami, Florida would be a good choice. And if you are motivated to participate in a Slalom competition, you could register for the IFCA North American Slalom Championships 2011, which will be started in 4 days at Virginia Key, Miami.


Danish Pro racer Kurosh Kiani (DEN-13) will participate in the event from the 21st till the 23rd of October 2011 and send us latest news from Miami. There will be a few more big names on the starting list. Australian Sean O´Brien or Diego Domeniani, who will fight for the 2011 title as well. More news about the event here


The entries for the 2011 event:

The entries for the upcoming Slalom event (Source:


Check the clip from the previous year. The event has been won by Maui based top pro Micah Buzianis.